Prayer and healing at The Seekers Trust

Harmony Prayer Circles

Due to the demands for healing in 1925 the Harmony Prayer Circles began under the guidance of Dr. Lascelles. Each day volunteers gather together in our specially consecrated  Chapels to pray for those who have asked for help. This help can cover any aspects of our human needs;  material, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. All difficulties can be prayer for.

Whilst these prayers are being conducted those who have asked for help are saying the same prayers at the same time thus forming the “link” as we pray together.

If you feel you or someone you know could benefit from receiving our prayers please click here.(link to application for Prayer Circles)


One to one healing is available with our qualified, experienced healers in one of our sacred chapels on Tuesday 11.00am – 2.00pm. No appointments necessary. We believe that healing may help with coping with all sorts of problems, not just poor health. Everyone seeking help is treated with respect and confidentiality. Healing demands nothing of the recipient only a willingness to receive.

Although these services are given freely
donations are gratefully received
as they help us to continue our work.

Healing Training

The Seekers Trust currently offers an accredited training course for those who wish to develop their healing potential. In addition to working within the curriculum laid down by our governing body (BAHA) we include many teachings of Dr. Lascelles. This course runs over two years with 5 weekends in the classroom and 18 months probationary healing in our chapels here at The Seekers Trust.  On successful completion of the course candidates undergo an assessment to receive full accreditation and registration with the British Alliance of Healing Associations.  For details of the next course please see our forthcoming events page.

We have had many encouraging, positive comments from our recent trainees:

“Thank you very much for a wonderful healing course.”

“We had plenty of handouts after each session, which was really helpful. A wonderful energy throughout the course and I felt very supported and felt I could learn so much more. It’s sad it’s coming to and end, but it’s really only the beginning of my journey with The Seekers Trust! Thank you so much to all of you.”

“I felt surrounded by love during the course and was constantly reminded of my need for spiritual connection and of my many blessings. The tutors were lovely.”

“An amazing part of my journey bringing with it such surrender, such freedom, such simplicity, such LOVE.”

“Absolutely loved the course, informative and interesting. Great tutor. I would highly recommend. Also wonderful that Dr Lascelles is being reintroduced. Simple but effective.”

“What an inspiring, uplifting, enlightening experience. Thank you.”

“The tutors created the best environment possible for the remarkable and wonderful learning journey. All remained committed and professional throughout, sharing love and light, enabling us all to grow. This truly has been the most enlightening course ever.”

“Thank you so much for providing the Healing Course through The Seekers Trust, which I have thoroughly enjoyed over the last five months and have nothing but positive praise for the tutors. I look forward to growing within my healing journey and helping others as best I can along the way.”

“Learning experience was joyful. Everything was of a high standard and necessary. It has given me the tools and grounding to continue a wonderful journey.”

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