Visitors from Germany

For the last 20 years we have been visited twice a year from a group of visitors from Germany.  Inge who runs her groups here is a Dr. Lascelles trained healer and a great supporter of our work. Here are some words of appreciation from these visitors.

“The New Year is already 9 days old. How quickly time rushes along. For the New Year I wish you all a happy, prosperous and healing time. May all of you be able to continue your valuable work. I hope I will be able to stay with you for many more years. God bless all of you. The last stay with you in August/September was – as always – wonderful. I had asked the members of my group to tell me which part of the time at The Trust was the most important to each of them. Here is what they said.” I.C.

“I very much enjoyed the time at this wonderful place. A peaceful place where I felt welcome and comfortable from the first moment and could just be myself. At some special places I could feel energy so intensely that I will always remember these moments, especially at some certain places in the Rose garden of Remembrance where positive things happened to me unconsciously. The time at this place with all its well-meaning people was healing for me. I took so much warmth and light back into my “normal” life. I am really grateful for the time there. A perfect place for the seminar with I. Thank you all.

Oh, not to forget, I miss the tea and delicious cakes we were offered in the tea room prior to the healing and the positive atmosphere there.”

“The stay in The Seekers Trust was absolutely beautiful, a very special place of tranquility and energy. I felt comfortable – safe and protected – the healing treatments were very lovely. I can only say thank you to the healers in The Seekers Trust and love for you all. The apartments were very comfortable with everything that you need. Many thanks for the tea and cakes, I was spoiled. The wonderful quiet rose garden was lovely. Thank you so much for everything.”

“With thanks and joy do I look back at the wonderful week at The Trust, the enlightening workshop with Inge was enriched by my stay at The Trust, the wonderful work of the healers, the beautiful surroundings (especially the trees and the Rose garden). To be able to take part in that week was a gift of the heavens, everybody at The Trust was loving and caring and I thank them for the work they are doing. I hope to be returning again next year. All the best and God bless you.”

“Our stay at The Seekers Trust has been of great value to us. We are grateful for the time we were able to spend there.”

“I WANT TO COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!”

“I remember the trees, the peace, the friendliness, the giving and healing, the loving and caring, being looked after, the learning, the resting, the little chapels, the Rose garden and its meaning, the feeling of being in a place of strength and power.”

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