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We are a non-denominational Christian based charity offering strength and comfort to those in need (regardless of one's beliefs) by means of absent healing prayers and healing in our chapels. 

The Seekers healing work was founded in 1925 by Charles Simpson based on the teachings of Dr Lascelles.


To this day the healing work continues in our specially consecrated chapels.

Our absent healing has helped many thousands over the years. So if you are lost, lonely, in ill health, seeking spiritual support or material wellbeing we are here to help you.

We also offer crystals for sale that have been blessed, cleansed, and charged in our chapels filling them with love, light and healing energy.

Our Founder

Our Founder Charles Simpson was born in 1882 to a modest background. He was not religious  but a very down to earth man who trained to be an engineer. 


In 1907 he emigrated to New Zealand where he married Grace Mabel, his first wife. Grace had always been interested in the spiritual side of life and persuaded Charles to join her in her quest for answers. They attended various groups and much to Grace’s exasperation Charles simply fell asleep.

Grace became terminally ill with breast cancer and was suffering great pain. Charles sat by her bedside and for the first time he prayed to God to alleviate her suffering. To his shame he thought he had fallen asleep but when he awoke Grace told him that he had been talking to her, calling himself Dr. Lascelles, and told her that she had three months of life left and would suffer no more.


Amazingly her pain was gone and she lived for three months and four days before peacefully passing away.

mr Simmie.JPG

 Two years later Charles was to marry his second wife Florence (known as Brownie) and in 1921 returned to England. Times were hard and work was difficult to find. He became ill both physically and mentally and was constantly being “impressed” to make contact with Dr. Lascelles. He and Brownie sat to pray. Charles fell into a deep sleep and Dr. Lascelles returned and looked at Brownie and said “Ask him when he is going to begin healing the sick?” And so the work began.

For over 33 years (until his death in 1958) Charles channelled many teachings on how to heal, how to pray, and how to lead a good life through love and service, these teachings are as relevant today as they were all those years ago.

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