"Having spent the last 24 years as a healer I have come to see the patterns which seem to affect all those on a spiritual pathway."

It seems there is an archetypical road which us “light workers” follow.

Certain aspects of one’s life show themselves in the lives of those who seek our help. There are many parallels which provide us with the understanding and empathy to be able to resonate with the experiences of others.

Have you felt somehow that you have never really “fitted in”, never really belonged almost as if you have been beamed down from some distant planet? Many people have these feelings as children and young adults and it is not until we realise that we are not on their own with these feelings and that many of us seem to share them, that we can sigh in relief with the knowledge that we are not alone.

Following a spiritual pathway is not the “norm” for most of us. The “supernatural” can be very frightening to a young person and fear is a common factor in the young life. And we all know how crippling fear can be, fear of the dark, fear of the unknown, fear of fear. Consequently we tend to bury the spiritual intuitions and “knowings” which we have. It is only when we fully embrace our true selves and step into the divine light that the fear will be dispelled and we will wonder at the power it had over every aspect of our lives.

Have you always drawn those to you who need to talk and freely unburden themselves? This can happen anywhere, in a bus queue, a supermarket, on a train, in the home or workplace. These people can see or sense your light, your healing abilities. This is not a conscious thing but to do with the energy you emit which others are drawn to. This also seems to be a common thread weaving through many of our lives.

Have you had to suffer in your life? Maybe you had an abusive childhood, a parent who didn’t love you? This damage to a young person will be carried with them and played out in every relationship they have. It is a continuous circle of pain and rejection which follows us until we are ready to grow beyond these experiences, to accept, to forgive, and to bless those who have caused us damage. To thank them for the lessons they have taught us.

Maybe you have suffered loss, illness, poverty, homelessness, loneliness and a multitude of troubles over the years. You know what it is like to travel through the dark night of the soul. Once you step into the light you can see things from a different perspective and actually be grateful for the things that life has seemingly thrown at you. You can sit and truly “be” with another human being and you will have an understanding and empathy of what they are going through.

Have you always felt that there was a “hole” somewhere inside you which you have struggled to fill? That something is missing in your life? We look in all sorts of places for this fulfilment: in relationships, in our jobs, our possessions or our addictions and yet we never find that missing part. Until we step into the light and find the profound joy of helping others, of offering to be a channel for healing. Then we can bless and accept all those things which have shaped the people we have become.

Then perhaps we can consider the possibility of reincarnation, the belief that our purpose in this life is to learn and to grow spiritually. That we will have many lifetimes as we learn all we need to in order for us to transcend the material world and take our places in the higher planes of existence.

Theories of reincarnation tell us that we do “choose” the conditions of our birth and our life experiences in order for our Soul to learn and grow from every condition of human existence. Personally, when I began along my spiritual journey I found myself totally rejecting this theory. Why would I have choosen to experience such hardship, such pain? On the face of it, it made no sense! But it soon became impossible to reject this notion completely out of hand. Now this seems to me the only plausible explanation to our existence. The freedom of accepting this is wonderfully freeing, liberating. The biggest realisation I reached was that if I did indeed “choose” my life, then there was no one to blame, no one to hate, no need to still be a victim. This inevitably led me to being able to forgive those who I had felt rejected by, especially my father. This realisation totally changed my life, that hard lump which I had carried in my heart was gone. I was free! I was able to really begin to fully live my life.

This catalyst enabled me to make sense of all I had gone through. Most importantly this propelled me into a life of “love and service”, of healing and helping others to find a way through the darkest of nights, the deepest despair, to help them to be bathed in the wonderful healing light which is there for all to access.

We all share so many archetypal patterns and once we can recognise these similarities and bond with each other we can cleanse our souls and begin the next stage of our journey towards enlightenment.

I feel deeply honoured to have come full circle from the place of my birth, the centre founded by my own Grandfather. After many years in the” wilderness” I was led and guided back to The Seekers Trust and the joy and peace I have today have only been “earned” by overcoming many seeming difficulties which in retrospect were indeed “blessings in disguise”.

An article by Kathy Searle.

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