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This months article:
Healing with Crystals


The oldest crystal so far discovered has been dated to be 4.4 billion years old.

The first known use of crystals by humans was during the early Stone Age when flint served as tools and weapons.

There is evidence of crystals being used in ancient Egypt as a source of healing as early as 2000BC.

In ancient Greece crystals were used for healing and to banish fear.

There is also mention of crystals in the Bible where 12 crystals were used in the breastplate of the first high priest, brother of Moses.

Crystals were frequently used during medieval times as amulets and for healing.

The Native American Indians also revered their crystals and used them for many purposes.

In the 1960’s crystals had a huge resurgence of their use in healing and health therapies.

The art of using crystals in healing has developed over many centuries. One day science may be able to provide and answer as to why and how they work. Thousands, if not millions of people have enjoyed the healing benefit of crystals.

Richard Dawkins says “crystals may have been the original life form on earth. We are all made up of many tiny, microscopic crystals – most enzymes and many other biochemical structures within cells are in fact crystals.”

Plato said Crystals are formed from the stars and the planets.


There are an enormous number of crystals available so choosing one can seem overwhelming.

Firstly, perhaps, is to think about what we want to heal at any one time, using the knowledge of the Chakra system can help to pinpoint exactly which colour we need for which particular Chakra.  For example, if we feel our heart needs some healing a pink or green stone will be effective.


Pink – Offering unconditional love, nurture and comfort. Excellent for healing the heart and releasing grief. Rose Quartz is an excellent stone and one of my go to crystals. I have used this crystal in end-of-life situations with great success.

Red – Any red crystal including Jasper and Ruby helps to give us physical energy when needed and activates creativity. This colour relates to the root chakra and can help with insecurity and low self-worth.

Orange – Carnelian is a wonderful crystal to help promote healing of emotional issues or indeed physical issues of the lower stomach. IBS for example.

Yellow – Calcite, Citrine or yellow Amber are excellent crystals that relate to the Solar Plexus charka and are said to be useful in giving us courage and self confidence and helping all physical problems which relate to this chakra.

Green – Along with Rose Quartz any green crystal promotes healing for the heart and all physical problems related to the chakra. Seraphinite, Serpentine or Jade are some of the green crystals.

Blue – Any blue crystal including Angelite, Blue Fluorite or Lapis Lazuli will help us to express our selves clearly and is healing for any physical problems associated with the throat area.

Purple – Amethyst is an all-round healing stone which helps to awaken our spiritual purpose and will help with headaches or problems relating to our Crown Chakra. Maybe when we feel the need to be less judgemental a purple crystal will help.

White or Clear – Clear Quartz, selenite are two crystals which are purifying and help to focus energy. They also link us to the highest realms of being, giving us insight and intuition. This colour crystal is calming and protective.

Brown or Black – Amber or black Obsidian are good for grounding and detoxifying negative energy. Good for protection. The black Apache tear stone was used in Native American folklore to ease grief.


These are just a few of the crystals which can be used for healing, you will find there are hundreds of them when you begin to look. A good rule of thumb is to let a crystal “call” to you. Very often we intuit the very stone we need at the right time.

Holding a crystal in your hand, placing it on your Chakra, sleeping with it under your pillow or just keeping it in your pocket can have such beneficial effects.

You may find you are drawn to more than one crystal. Perhaps a Carnelian for emotional issues and a Clear Quartz to lift you up to see things from a more spiritual viewpoint.

I have found children are very receptive to crystals and I have had quite a lot of success using them not only with my own children but with others. Obviously do not give small crystals to small children for fear of them putting them in their mouths.

Here at The Seekers Trust, we have a limited collection of crystals for sale. About 5 years ago we were gifted some crystals and sold them in our tea-room. They flew off the shelves!  Seeing there was a demand for them we decided to open a small crystal shop in The Lilacs.

What makes our crystals really special is that they are all handpicked and chosen specifically for their healing and spiritual qualities and they are cleansed, blessed and then placed on an Altar in one of our consecrated chapels where they imbibe all the healing energy which has been built up for over 80 years. After this process is complete the crystals are untouched without us wearing gloves.

If you wish to come and visit our crystal shop please call the office on 01732 843589 to make an appointment.


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