“Your Healing Prayers are certainty being picked up by my family and myself, my daughter is certainly improving although she is still learning to walk on sticks now. Her husband seems a little better. On Tuesday evening I connect to The Seekers Trust and can feel a great peace. God Bless you all for the good work you are doing for all those who need help and sending out peace to all those in the world. Peace & Blessing.”

“Without mixing words, your Prayers rescued me and have been the source of my strength. Truly, I have seen the power of God in my life. My beloved wife and my son are both saying that God has rescued me; glory be to God. May I recall that I joined this great organization in 1983 and your Prayers have been engraved in my life.”

“My son has at very long last moved to a new home which is so very much nearer for us to visit. His room is bright and comfortable, we went yesterday, and we were able to chat to him through the window. How lovely it was & such a complete surprise to see (S) sitting in a chair doing colouring. He says he now wants to walk and will try his best with physio’s. Such a contrast to lying in bed after his leg cast was removed for 2 years, unless we were visiting and took him out for lunch. I was sitting thinking about (S) and his 3 hours journey when the most wonderful emotional feeling I experienced. “ALL IS WELL”. I am so deeply grateful for all the prayers and kind thoughts you send for my loved ones. This knowledge is so comforting and a great strength to hold on to. Keeping Touch is a wonderful guide and teaches too, photographs, articles are superb. My love to you all. May you all too be aware of God’s Blessings for you.”


“Thank you so much for writing to tell me you had put my name on the Altar for special prayers before my Check-up for the bladder Cancer and I’m so happy to tell you that the cystoscopy was CLEAR  and 6 months before another check. Thank you so much for the prayers. I know they helped. A Blessed & Happy Christmas & all the best for 2021 With Love & Peace.”

“Great News! I saw my consultant a couple of weeks ago & he said, “Well (K), you’re cured!” What a wonderful thing to hear! 5 years ago, sitting in his office when he gave me the diagnosis of jaw cancer, I was calm. I knew exactly what I had to do… Tell my family, fill the freezer and contact you! From the very start of this journey I had a sort of certainty that the angels and daddy would help me. The operation & treatment were frankly terrible and barbaric but through those dark days I received so much comfort and strength through our prayers. Looking back there were so many things that just presented themselves to help me through various issues just when I needed it. Is it a co-incidence that these things happened? – I don’t think so! Each doctor & consultant has been very surprised at my progress and recovery. I told them all my secret and they weren’t surprised. I think they must see how prayer helps patients all the time! So, Kathy, I’m cured!!! Thank you all so much for all your help over the last 5 years. I will keep in touch & hope to see you on visits in the future. Much Love.”

“I want to thank you all for your Prayers during the past months for (R) who you will remember had cancer & was going to Germany for treatment. I am pleased to say he is now quite better & has had his 3-month check which was clear. He is now back to normal & back at school. It is good news & we are all so pleased to hear it. I must say many thanks to you all for your prayers over many weeks & for the great gift we have been given of his recovery.” 

“I thought I would give you an update on my son – a positive story in these dark times! He is doing remarkably well and is now managing to walk on one crutch. When he first saw the physio, she couldn’t believe how well he was doing, having seen his x-rays first! Considering in February I was told initially he might lose his leg, then that he could die and needed to be on a ventilator, and then he would probably have brain damage (he hasn’t) his recovery is incredible. I am positive that all the healing he received not only from myself, but from those of you at The Seekers Trust and of course the wonderful treatment he received in hospital, has made this speedy recovery possible. So, I wanted to thank everyone at The Seeker for all the prayers and well wishes we received.”

"I can’t believe we have been linking since 2003! I feel so fortunate that I have had so much help and support from you all. I really am so grateful. (S) Was first diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2002, when a friend told me about The Seekers. His oncologist still does not know how he is still alive after such a diagnosis! Maybe you can imagine how very comforting The Seekers are to him and how you have helped us. We are so grateful to you all. We are hoping that we will be able to visit you this summer."

"Many Thanks for your continued support and joining in prayer with me in the Harmony Prayer Circles, which gives me encouragement in living with severe M.E. which I find very difficult. Thank you for the keeping in Touch magazine. The flowers in there were a joy to see, especially the snowdrops which I love. My prayers are with you all and thank you again for your commitment, so much appreciated."


"An update on my brother, A. He is doing so well, the medics cannot believe it but the pancreatic tumour has gone, this is almost unheard of! He has now finished his chemo treatment and is building up his strength day by day and is going to be monitored and scanned on a three-monthly basis. We are so grateful for your prayers and linking times."

"Dear Friends, many, many thanks for your help and heart. All my links are better and have benefitted greatly. We can stop linking for the time being. Thank you, with light."

"I would love to visit you all one day and I shall always be grateful for the lifeline support which you have offered."

"My deepest gratitude to you all, I love the linking time - so peaceful, quiet and strange as it seems active to me. You are all very special people imbibed with light and love, caring so much for everyone. I wish you much love and light."

"Please find enclosed my membership cheque and small donation towards all the beautiful work you all do. I am a great believer in the power of healing and the strength and comfort it can give. It can change people's lives, thoughts and ways of thinking and in today's world we cannot give enough, I love The Seekers and every time I am able to come I feel such a magical presence there, it is indescribable, you have to experience it for yourself. When I brought friends with me to the Rose Day, they felt it too. I wish you all love, light, peace and happiness. Keep up the healing and all your incredible hard work for the good of others. God bless you all."

"The young man who you prayed for had hurt his back. Two days later he rang twice and kept saying "it's fantastic; I even felt the actual healing taking place." Thank you everyone from me and this young man. I do feel with your help and prayers we are truly blessed. Thank you so much for your love and prayers. We love to hear from you and read the books. With love and light."

"What remarkable results you bring! I would like to remove my son from your lists for material and healing/spiritual upliftment - he has lost excess weight, is very fit now and has far more self esteem. He even has some savings in the bank! Thank you so much. This all only came about since being on your healing list."


"Thank you very much for the updated link cards and your continued prayers. I am a great believer that you are making a difference and I am so grateful for all your efforts. May your life be filled with the light & blessing you offer others, with best wishes and much love."


"I want to tell you about H my grandson who was born disabled when his parents lived in Kent 16 years ago. He was a poor little baby with achondroplasia (a dwarf) with all the disabilities including a curvature of the spine, which meant he was in a plaster back support for his first year of his life. Since then he has been on my prayer list linking with The Seekers. He is now a wonderful little boy although still very short in stature he is just 16 and a world class Paralympic swimmer. He came to Glasgow for the world swimming championships, he has been to Florida, and he is now in Melbourne for championships there and then comes back before going to Berlin. He now has his eyes set on going to Rio later this year. Not only is he a good swimmer but he is also quite clever at school being in the top set for his age and hoping to go to university in 2 years’ time. For all this we are so grateful to you all at The Seekers and his mother is sure it all started when Cynthia found help for him so quickly and when you have said prayers for him for so many years."


"P after nearly 18 months of waiting went into hospital in July 2015 for 16 weeks. His progress has been remarkable, and we are humbled by his courage and determination. We truly believe our prayers have been answered and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued prayers that have helped us all. P is in recovery but becoming stronger as the weeks go by. We prayed as he got stronger that he might find some employment that would aid his recovery and reduce his isolation. Again, our prayers have been answered in the most wonderful way and he is now enjoying 2 part time jobs and is really reconnecting with the world. Please may I take this opportunity to thank you and those who give their time to the prayer circles? This has been an incredibly journey for us all and your prayers and kindness have helped to sustain us and our faith has strengthened. Please find a small donation towards the wonderful work you do at The Seekers Trust."


"Throughout this intense and exhausting period, it was the link prayer times that were an oasis in which I could rest and feel God’s peace. A truly anchoring time. Again, my thanks to all who are praying in one of the chapels with me at that time. I am so grateful that week in, week out you pray for us and for so many other people. Wishing you every blessing."


"I am writing because I would very much like to continue the healing, I receive through the prayer circle as it is so beneficial for me. Many, many thanks for the wonderful work that you do."


"Thank you all so much for the healing sent to my daughter who was expecting a second child and struggling with dreadful sickness and the possibility of a post-partum haemorrhage. The birth of another daughter at the end of September was a really good experience for all, with absolutely no problems, and the dear little soul, named F is thriving, relaxed and self-contained, sleeping and eating her way into this incarnation!"

"Thank you for such a beautiful, special compassionate and emotional Rose Day. It was truly the most moving, reflective, mindful day of Remembrance, reflection and love. A very special day of the year to be always remembered."

"The Seekers will always be a very special place for me and I will still be there in spirit. With many grateful thanks over so many years. I let go of my prayer link for the moment. Thank you for all your wonderful linking prayers, and for the angel's blessings. May your support continue for many years,"

"It is a monumental task to manage such an organisation which is much needed. I experience so much solace, comfort and hope that is why I still link. Thank you so much for this privilege."

"I wanted to let you know I had a CT scan and then the surgeons saw me and said that everything looked absolutely fine! So fine, that they don't need to see me at the hospital again. Good news! They can't say the words "completely clear of cancer" and I understand why but the whole team were calling me a success story and were really happy for me. I am really happy about this and I feel that I can now continue my life as "normal" without the illness consuming every thought! Thank you all so much for your help. I really believe that all your prayers have helped me and contact with you has given me so much help and support when I really needed it."

"I am linking with you three times a week and my problems are being solved! I am so grateful to you, Dr Lascelles and his beautiful angels."