Garden of Remembrance

Members have the opportunity to dedicate a rose in memory of their loved ones in our beautiful garden of remembrance. If you would like to dedicate a rose to a loved one please contact our office for more details.

The garden was specially designed in 1947 to reflect the journey of each soul. The cross in the centre reflects life while the seven pointed star represents the seven spheres of heaven and the enclosing circle represents the continuity of life with no beginning and no end.

Drs Rose (2)
IMG_0318 rose

Each year since 1947 a remembrance day service has been held in this garden. The service consists of a reading of Dr Lascelles teachings in relation to this special day followed by prayers in the garden before we each gather around our rose dedicated to those we love and have lost. For a short time we can feel closer to those who have passed from this world. This is a very special day bringing comfort and brotherhood to all, those on earth and those in spirit.

After the service we enjoy tea and cakes giving all a chance to socialise and share memories.