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Absent Healing

Due to the demands for healing in 1925 the Harmony Prayer Circles began under the guidance of Dr. Lascelles. Each day volunteers gather together in our specially consecrated Chapels to pray for those who have asked for help. This help can cover any aspects of our human needs; material, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. All difficulties can be prayed for.

Our prayer circle chapels have been used for the last 87 years for healing prayers only. These chapels are a powerhouse of spiritual energy which has been built up over decades of dedicated prayers.

The prayer circle sitters enter our chapels with love and service in their hearts.

Prayers are said, followed by meditation sending love and light to all who have requested our help. We believe that our healing prayers are an integral part of spiritual enlightenment and advancement bringing peace and understanding to the soul.

Request for Absent Healing

Request Sent!

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Using the form below you can request distant healing from us, what this does is add your name to our altar and allows us, and anyone else taking part in the harmony prayer circles, to pray for you or someone you choose to name.

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