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Our Woods

We have 30 acres of beautiful grounds which all are welcome to visit. Our grounds are comprised of a small woodland area which in the spring abounds with snowdrops followed by daffodils and lastly bluebells which are all a joy to behold.

It is widely believed that spending time in nature uplifts the spirit and is hugely beneficial to our sense of well being. To sit in the peace and quiet of a woodland has a calming effect and relieves stress.

Our woodland is a haven for wildlife and we are pleased to say we now have deer (who have never visited us before), badgers, squirrels, foxes and many birds.

Please feel free to come and visit and take advantage of this healing space.


Healing Tree

We have a specially designated Healing Tree which is said to have the power of healing energy flowing through and from it - come and stand or sit by this beautiful tree and absorb its special healing energies.

The tree is a Cedar and aptly offers us beautiful cedar

roses each year.

Cedar Rose

The Garden of Remembrance

The garden of remembrance is a special place of peace and quiet. It is at its best in the height of the summer when the roses are in full bloom and their beautiful scent pervades the air. It is a wonderful space to sit and remember our loved ones.

The Close

Come and enjoy the beautifully tended flower beds which border our chapels and cottages in The Close.

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The Close (trees)

Sadly we do not allow dogs, except guide dogs.

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