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Seekers Trust Publications

Our Crystals

The Magic Invisible – £5.00

The Magic of Angels – £5.00

The Key to Wholeness and Healing – £5.00

The Harmony Prayer Circles – £2.50

Healing Laughter – £2.50

How is Life Continued – £2.50

Why I Work for The Seekers Trust – £2.50

A Pilgrimage with the Animals – £2.50

The Colours of the Lord’s Prayer – £1.50

Plus £2 postage and packing

Newly opened – We now have a crystal shop stocking various healing crystals which have been cleansed and blessed in our chapels where they imbibe love, peace and the healing energy here at Addington.


Amber pendant.

To order any of the products on this page please contact our office.

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