“So lovely to receive your ‘latest Keeping in Touch’ issue. So good to read and uplifting. We are so grateful for the Prayers. I look forward to Mondays so much. Thank you.”


“Please find enclosed my Cheque in payment of the years’ membership. As always, I send much love and gratitude to all at Addington for Keeping the Spirit of love and healing alive especially in these times of much uncertainty. Thank you so much.”


“Thank you for the March 21 edition of ‘Keeping in Touch’ with all its many interesting and cheerful entries. Congratulations on your achievement to become a certificated member of the fellowship of Professional Celebrants. Well done.”


“The March 2021 No 37 ‘Keeping in Touch’ is beautiful and reflects the history, spiritual knowledge and care that has made The Seekers a haven of peace and support during these difficult times and points the way forward to a brighter future.”


“Thank you for your continued prayers and support, where would we have been in the last year without prayer on our lives. I am not sure I would have lasted the course. Love & Light to you all & may every blessing be yours.”


“I love my linking time; I sit on my bed & the room is so still and calm. “Visiting” Seekers Rose garden & Chapels always a wonderful peaceful joy. Thank you for your dedication to help my family. GOD BLESS YOU.”


This is just to say a tremendous thank you for the continued support from the Prayer Circles. I want you to know that God and the Angels are really responding to your prayer and mine, although self-awareness is often very painful, I am seeing my contribution to my own suffering more clearly as the weeks rush by bringing me ever closer to the joy that resides In the sacred heart of God.”


“Thank you for your help may the work of The Seekers go from strength to strength & God Bless you for all your work & Prayers for us all. With Love, Light & Peace.

“Thank you for the Newsletter. It is always a delight to read the articles and news at The Seekers Trust.”


“We are happy and well and happy for everyday and thanking God and The Seekers for our blessings. Thank you all at Addington and in heaven. God bless you all.”


“The Keeping in Touch magazine is always a joy to receive. The Photography this month is stunning. The white tulip is just magical and the many wise words with it, your great niece has written a lovely article. I hope she continues to love Seekers as much as she does now”.


“I will always be grateful to God for my contact with this great organization over the past decades and as a matter of fact, I’m grossly indebted to the organization because of the efficacy of your prayers. Thank you for sharing your poem “A CRISIS OF FAITH” with us. Truly, it is common in life and you were really inspired to publish it. Thank you too for your picture on page 17 showing how you conducted the prayers on Rose Day, and I wish it was a full-page picture for framing. I have the following photos in my small room of prayers. 1) Dr Lascelles. 2) Your founder Simpson. 3) Cynthia. 4) The Colour of the Lords Prayers. These photos are inspiring and expresses my love for this great organization. Thank you and God Bless.”


“Thank you all so much for all the continued prayers! Lately I have felt more that there is an enormous prayer circle with all the people spread wide and far tuning in at the same time, praying the same prayers, all connected to the central chapels where you pray. It was an uplifting thought!”


“I hope you and all at The Seekers Trust are keeping safe and happy and well. I often think of you all and the beautiful sanctuary you have there in Kent. You are a lifeline and support for so many people. I am feeling much better than I have been of late and I’m sure your healing has helped. Thank you.”


“It is so good to know that I am not the only one praying for the girls, I still call them girls even though (J) will be 50 at the end of August. I cannot thank The Seekers Trust enough for your Prayers and Support it keeps us going through the rough periods of life. It is also there to share the good and bright times. Love & Light.”


“Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for the special prayer on the Altar, the cystoscopy was clear & no further check- up for nine months. Thank you so very much, with much love.”


“Please will you continue to pray for (T), he is doing well he is going for walks, pottering in the garden, and eating well, he is happy and his usual lovely self. Our family and I Bless you all, thank you our Angels, each, and every one of you.”


“I am so positive about all the prayers that are being sent for all those in need. I love my quiet time on Sunday. Usually, I picture the rose garden and all that Seekers Trust means & I am in a sea of tranquillity just so blissful. Thank you all for your prayers and love. They are a tremendous blessing for so many.”


“I so apologise for the delay in sending our news and in thanking you for ‘Keeping in Touch’ newsletters. Always so welcome and uplifting. With a huge delay too, I am sending my warmest congratulations on completing your course in funeral celebrancy, such an important and valued role especially in present times. We are so very grateful to everyone for giving your time to pray for us, especially in such difficult circumstances, your love and support is so appreciated, and we would be grateful to be kept on your prayers list."

“Dear Kathy, thank you and all fellow linkers for praying together with me. It means very much to me! Thank you also for all the times you put special prayers for us on the Altar. It makes me feel very supported. Much Love and Blessings to you and regards to the staff in the office.”


“I would just like to send you healing wishes for a quick recovery and to hope you will soon be back to good health and strength to continue all the wonderful work that you do. Kathy, you were a great source of strength to my mum (J.C.), and I know she would have wanted you to receive our love and healing thoughts at this time, Much love, and thanks.”


“The Prayers not only help me physically but bring reassurance and peace with the healing. (J) is very pleased with the Prayers. She finds they help her to be more mobile. On behalf of us all not only do the Prayers bring healing- there is also guidance to receive the right outside help as well as a protective light that stays around us throughout the days that follow. It surely is ongoing healing and assistance. So, thank you for all you, the Healers and the Angels do to make this World a more beautiful place to reside.”


“I could not have got through it without the help & support from my friends and family on both sides of the veil not to mention linking with the Angels & The Seekers which has sustained us throughout. I would just like to add this: - We did our last linking & meditation and at the end I saw an Angel Appear within a Crystal Chalice. As I focused on her I saw a succession of different people appearing. I felt she was showing me all the different people who have Prayed for us at The Seekers – so we THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!”


“Without mincing words, I am grossly indebted to this great organization, having been a member for over 30 years today. Your Prayers have given us protections, guidance, and numerous blessings. PLEASE, let it be on record that my membership and dedication to this great organization is throughout my lifetime on earth. Thank you immensely and God Bless.”