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“Your Prayers are a great help and I look forward to sitting at 6pm on Sundays, I rarely miss. I always thank the Angels for their presence and their Healing Grace.”

“As always, we are so grateful for your continued prayers. It is wonderful to feel the comfort & love from being a part of the big Seeker’s family, especially during these troubled times throughout the world. We wish you & everyone at Addington a Peaceful & joyous Christmas & good health & happiness & HOPE for the year ahead. With light & love and thanks.”

“I wanted to thank you so much for the uplifting healing on Monday evenings it has helped me so much in moving forward – can I ask that it continues please.”

“With love & thanks to you all for the time that you give for the benefit of others.”

“Thank you so much for your on-going healing prayers it means so much we take one day at a time with grace!”

“I know you will all be “doing your bit” to help all and sundry, bless you. I’m sending you a small cheque donation. I wish you all so much love, now and always and I really value what you do. I am so blessed to know you."

“Thanks also for the Prayers and Healing you send for all in need. Much love & Blessings.”

“Once again writing to you and the healers for your loving constancy. So grateful to you all for your healing prayers. Please continue to keep D and myself topped up with this angelic grace’; with your help we can keep going.”

“Just to say thanks for your kind thoughts and prayers for me and my family, I know this has been a great help to them all, and me. God Bless You all at Seekers Trust. Grandad T.”

“I think I need to read Dr Lascelles before I get up in the morning. His words are so quiet, solid & reassuring. Just beautiful I love the Keeping in Touch mag. Seekers is for me a golden haven of trust. Thank you Kathy for your wonderful balance, wisdom, and guidance through the years.”

“Many thanks for my copy of your magazine. As you know I love reading it. I love all the wildlifephotos & stories that you are including. Thanks so much for all continued healing & for your loving thoughts.”

“Many thanks for the delightful newsletter for December, truly wonderful and interesting topics. I plan to follow Dr Lascelles New Year Address!”

“Thank you so much Kathy and everyone for the very interesting December Newsletter and for the lovely photos of Addington’s wildlife. I enjoyed your lovely Keeping In Touch’, which when reading it gives out blessings and all the lovely woodland scenes and creatures you portray in it and on the internet. I’m sure that helps to spread all the Prayers around the World, when multiplied become magnified. Many of Gods Blessings.”

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