“Love, Light and Healing thoughts sent to you all and to spread out into our world, we need this so much. Thank you for all the good work you all do, especially all the Prayers of healing you send out to our Nations.”


“I Pray for Peace for you and for the entire World, God Bless all of you for your untiring Work, Thank you very much for your Prayers. “


“I thank you for your continued Prayers and Support. I am convinced that your Prayers helped (H) to get this new job, it is wonderful to see the change in her already she is really looking forward to starting & is so much happier in herself. Thank you.”


“The prayers have been a wonderful help to us.  We have moved forward in a lot of ways and received help from so many quarters.  Thank you so very much for being such a big part of this.  We still have things to overcome, but the Divine love and support we have and do receive, is nothing short of incredible and deeply moving.”

“I am so very grateful for your Prayers on behalf of my loved ones. Sunday evening, my linking time is just so peaceful & loving. I know you are all trying to help this awful situation in Ukraine. Quite overwhelming, but the wonderful response of kindnesses is like a beacon of light.”


“Just a little update… D.  has been signed off from the eye hospital now as the operation was a complete success. He is now just a little bit short sighted in that eye, which is marvellous considering he might have lost the sight completely!”


“Thank you so much for all your Prayers. In a fast-moving frightening time, it really helped us both to keep calm and feel supported. “


“Everyone on my list is doing better – and one of them was even prevented from suicide which was a real ‘Miracle’. Bless you all for your wonderful work.”


“Despite all this going on I have not missed one Tuesday morning! I think that is what is getting us through this terrible time. Its over 20 years ago since I just contacted The Seekers when (S) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer – and he is still with us! We are so fortunate to have you in our hearts. I am enclosing something which I hope will go towards helping you. I do hope Rose Day goes well – it is so sad we cannot get to meet you all.”


“Thank you for helping (L), and I want to say thank you to all of you for all that you are doing for the World. You are all wonderful and beautiful people, and I am very grateful to you. Love and Blessings.”


“And thank you for putting a Prayer on the Altar for me, what a kind thought. I was quite unwell for a few days with a fever and cramps, but I was completely recovered within a couple of weeks. I do very much believe that all the wonderful healing I receive from Dr Lascelles and the Angels through linking to the Prayer Circles helped me to recover quickly and has helped me in so many ways besides. I am very grateful to them, and to you for all the love and healing I receive. Love and Blessings.”


“Thank you and all other linkers praying with me/us for all the continued prayers. I always feel the connection with a wider group of people in different places, praying at the same time. The prayer times mean a lot to me and always leave me in a state of peace!”


“Lots of love and best wishes to you and all the healers and thank you and bless you so much for all your continuing Prayers, healing, and love.”


“New hip three months old now, all shiny and strong! I have done incredibly well and am very grateful for all the healing I’ve received, and the privilege of being “put” on the Altar! Thank you so much!”


“I cannot thank The Seekers enough for your continued Prayers & support, I am convinced that it was Prayer that got (H) an online interview & got her the job.”


“Thank you for the wonderful ‘Keeping in Touch’ newsletter. A pure delight to read the articles. Like you I have started to say the Prayer for Peace every day as it is so relevant to what is going on in the World. “


“I love to receive your newsletters and read your beautiful words. Always so calm and thank you once again for all the strength you have given through your Love and Prayers.”


“Keeping in Touch’ is brilliant as usual, I especially enjoyed the poem & photographs this issue. Thank you for your continued Prayers, God Bless you all at Addington & may the Blessings of Easter be with you & remain with you always. In Light & Love.”


“Thank you for the lovely Keeping in Touch, with the beautiful photographs of the grounds and the poignant poem “I am there” The Prayer times mean so much to me thank you for Praying with me at the Trust sure of the great benefit and support. It is also always important to me to think of all the other people who link in the Prayers. It is such a wonderful thing. Thank you for all the work you do at The Trust keeping everything flowing. God Bless you all.”


“Dear Kathy and the team (Rose Day)

Just wanted to say thank you for today's beautiful service and afternoon yesterday it was my dad's 27th anniversary since he passed and today, I felt him with me the whole time, which has brought me great peace and comfort. Such a privilege to have the Seekers on my doorstep, long may it be there for us all. The cake by the way was delicious!”


“The (W) family & company had a wonderful day, Rose Day!”