An oasis of healing, peace and tranquillity


Spiritual upliftment


THE SEEKERS TRUST is a centre for prayer and healing set in 39 acres of grounds and gardens in the heart of Kent.

We are a non-denominational Christian based charity offering strength and comfort to those in need (regardless of one’s beliefs) by means of absent healing prayers and one-to-one healing in our sacred chapels.

We also have newly refurbished self-contained guest cottages for those seeking a quiet retreat where you can recharge your batteries and enjoy the peace and tranquillity surrounding you in this very special place.

About Us

Originally established in London in 1925 The Trust moved to Addington in 1933.

Prayer & Healing

Prayer circles are held throughout each day. Healing is offered twice weekly and by appointment.

Garden of Remembrance

The Seekers Trust - Garden of remembranceMembers can dedicate a rose to their loved ones. A memorial service is held every July.

Guest Cottages

We have eight self- contained cottages which are available for rent throughout the entire year.


We are always seeking new residents who can commit to participate in our work.

Facilities For Hire

Our facilities for hire include a large conference hall, meeting centre and meeting rooms.

From a letter dated 25th June 2015
At Last things are beginning to pick up here. My daughter has gone from strength to strength and has managed to find some temporary work. Her psychological and mental and emotional states are also improved. She is back on the way to being her ‘old self’ after such
an extreme trauma in her life.

From a Letter dated 1st September 2015
I am very grateful to the organization because the stroke that was a serious problem to my right leg and arm is disappearing gradually. I have seen a great change in my body as a whole. Please continue in your prayers for me because I am not relenting in my harmony prayers. Finally I am happy to be a member of the organization because my entire life has changed for the better.

From a Letter dated 10th July 2015
I wanted to write and let you know that since requesting to be mentioned in the prayer circles, my life has changed immeasurably.

Last year my life was a mess and I was an emotional wreck, single at 39 and my life going nowhere in the direction I wanted it to.

At the September I met a man, we are now engaged and the wedding is looked for June next year! I would also like to say that last Sunday was my first Rose Day with my dad’s rose in the garden. My friends, fiancé and my mum all came and are still talking about the truly special day. It really was an amazing day of course the weather helped but the beautiful surroundings and atmosphere made it special.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you and your team do for people like me.