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Members have the opportunity to dedicate a rose in memory of their loved ones in our beautiful garden of remembrance.

We understand that the cost of remembrance is expensive, therefore we have opened the Rose Garden to all. A special and authentic way to remember your loved ones.


If you would like to dedicate a rose to a loved one, please fill in the contact form below to enquire.

You can also purchase a rose through the options below. We will contact you to arrange the details of the rose.


Every year we hold a Remembrance Day service in the garden. The ceremony includes a reading of Dr. Lascelles’ reflections, followed by prayers in the garden.

This service is open to everyone who holds a rose or relationship to them.

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As well as a discount on the rose, there are a number of other benefits available to members. Click here to find out more about the membership benefits.

Rose (Non Membership)

£ 100.00 GBP

Dedicate a rose to remember your loved one in the Garden of Remembrance. This is the option without the Seekers Trust membership discount.

Rose (Membership)

£ 45.00 GBP

Dedicate a rose to remember your loved one in the Garden of Remembrance. This is the option containing the Seekers Trust membership discount.

The Rose Garden has a specific shape and colour of the roses that occupy each bed.

  • The cross in the centre reflects life
  • The seven pointed star represents the seven spheres of heaven
  • The enclosing circle represents the continuity of life with no beginning and no end
Emanuela Thackray

You can feel alone and something like the Seekers Trust can give you a sense of community.

Lucyna Thackray

I’m more into now believing in energy and spirituality and it gives me more hope and positivity.

Pat Hallett

The Seekers Trust has an energy of its own, many people will benefit from coming to the Seekers Trust.

Paula Taylor

The Seekers Trust is a place to find yourself, to find out more, to come and Seek.

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